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Genuine Spiritual Authority, Audio book by David W. Dyer

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Genuine Spiritual Authority

There are many who claim to have "spiritual authority" in the church, but what is GENUINE spiritual authority?

Without a doubt, submission to authority is essential for every sincere believer. But to whom should we submit ourselves?

Which of the many voices claiming authority are actually from God?

How can we distinguish true spiritual authority from the imitations?

This book is a fresh look at the question of authority in the church today.

Written by David W. Dyer

Read by Wayne O'Connor

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David's book on Spiritual Authority unlocked some key questions I have tried to get a better handle upon for years. I was and am greatly blessed by this book and encourage you to purchase and read it. The subject of authority in the church and spiritual authority is a very difficult one. I believe that David speaks from the light that the Lord has shown him through both his understanding of the Word and his experience.

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