A Grain Of Wheat Ministries

A "Grain Of Wheat" is a teaching ministry dedicated to serving the body of Christ all over the world.

Dyer family

Originally started by David Dyer, the ministry has now grown to include not only most of the Dyer family but also other brothers and sisters in Christ located in various places who help out with the many tasks associated with our literature distribution.

Our goal is to help Christians everywhere to know Christ better, understand His purposes more clearly and love Him more deeply.

The main tools we use to minister are free books, pamphlets and MP3 audio recordings. We may also add videos in the future.

David Traveling
home meeting
home group

While our main form of outreach is distribution of books and pamphlets David occasionally travels and ministers at conferences. (Primarily in Brazil.)

A Grain Of Wheat Ministries

We speak English and Português

We prefer electronic communication since we are often traveling.

Wheat Logo

We offer free Christian writings by David W. Dyer. Some of the main themes are Spiritual Growth, the Church, the Kingdom of God and Biblical End Times Prophecy. Our publications are available to read online, download as PDF, WORD or ePub, listen to in MP3, and request the printed books by mail direct to your home!

For more information about each book please visit our Publications page.

Pamphlets on shorter subjects

Not all subjects require a complete book to explain so there are pamphlets that we provide which can be downloaded and printed or read in electronic format on your computer, cell phone or Kindle!

Pamphlets page

We also offer MP3 Audio books!

For those who prefer the convenience of an audio book so they can listen as they work or drive and also those who can't read due to poor eyesight we offer audio versions of all our books for free download.

Find Audio versions Here