A Grain Of Wheat Ministries

We are looking for volunteers to help us translate and proofread books!

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We provide our books free of charge, so we count on volunteer help to get them translated and proofread in other languages.

Translating Books

The translation can be done from either the English or Portuguese versions of our books since we have read and edited both those versions quite closely.

The English versions can be found free on this website under the "Books / Pamphlets" menu and the versions in Brazilian Portuguese can be found at  www.graodetrigo.com, you can either download an electronic version or request a printed copy of the book in which case we will send it to you via mail. 

As you proceed with the translation we ask that you send us each chapter as you finish it. That way the files are less likely to be lost and also in case you are not able to finish the entire translation we can hand of the rest of that particular book to another person. The son of the author coordinates these efforts and speaks both English and Brazilian Portuguese. He can be contacted at:Information


If you are proofreading an existing version and find errors please send us the book name, the page number, and the complete sentence that is wrong along with the correction so we can find it and correct it. (Or you can use Microsft word with Track Changes if you know how to do that.)

The author speaks both English and Brazilian Portuguese and can be contacted at:Info

Recording Audio Books

We would like to offer ALL of our books as audio books in MP3 format. While we do have most of our books in English recorded already there are still some new writings which need to be recorded. Also having another voice reading the existing books would give people options on which reading style they prefer to listen to.

If you would like to be a volunteer and read each chapter of a specific book please record a sample part of one of the books and sent it to us via email. We will make the final recording available here on our website for free if we approve the quality and spirit of the recording.

We prefer to start and end the recording of each chapter more or less like this "This is chapter x of book x, written by David W. Dyer and available free of charge on www.agrainafwheat.com". In this way people can find the rest of the book on the internet if someone sends them a single chapter recording without telling them where it came from.

Please send the audio tests and finished chapter recordings to: contact

We only publish and distribute books of our own authorship so please do not send us works by other authors.

Please do not seek or expect payment for any help you may provide as we are only seeking volunteer (unpaid) help.