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Facts About Evolution

Many of the people in our world today believe in evolution. They have a lot of faith in this theory and in the men who have developed and expounded it. Very few of these "believers" have taken the time to study the situation for themselves to see if this theory adequately explains the facts

Due to the overwhelming acceptance of evolution, those who question its validity have often been labeled either as quacks or religious nuts while many obvious scientific facts that blatantly contradict it are suppressed or ignored.

As you probably know, evolution is supposed to be very scientific and supported by many discoveries. The general public has been taught that its truth is very nearly indisputable. Due to this situation, the following facts may seem to some to be quite surprising.

FACT NUMBER 1.The theory of evolution contradicts the second law of thermodynamics. This simple law is the basis for much of the physical science upon which we rely today. Simply put this law states: "Without outside interference, all things (molecules, atoms etc.) tend toward the state of greatest disorder." Yet for years we have heard evolutionists telling us that somehow (miraculously?) creatures on earth have been developing into stages of higher and higher order and complexity. An honest scientist is therefore faced with a dilemma. Should he change the second law of thermodynamics or look for another theory to explain the origin of man? Unfortunately, the tack which most seem to have taken is to ignore this blatant contradiction and keep the public from realizing that it exists.

FACT NUMBER 2.The Apollo astronauts discovered only about 1/8" of dust on the moon. At first this may not seem too surprising. Most people are not aware that cosmic dust is settling on the various planets and moons in our solar system at measurable rate. If the moon and the earth had been in existence for billions of years, which the theory of evolution requires, there should be over 100 ft. of dust lying undisturbed on the moon. Here is another scientific challenge to evolutionary theory which remains unpublicized and unexplained.

FACT NUMBER 3.The magnetic field of the earth is decaying at a measurable rate. By projecting backward from the existing data it is plain to see that the earth could not have existed in its present state for more than 10,000 years. The magnetic field simply would have been too great. No adequate, provable explanation for this phenomenon has been found by evolutionists to explain this scientific fact which contradicts their theory.

FACT NUMBER 4.In the Paluxy riverbed in Texas fossilized human footprints have been found alongside those of dinosaurs. These footprints have even been found interposed on top of one another. This shows that these two creatures, man and dinosaurs, must have lived at the same time. The theory of evolution on the other hand, demands that a great space of time should have elapsed between the two.

FACT NUMBER 5.The population of the earth has been increasing over all known history at a determinable rate. If man evolved ages ago as evolutionists assert, the population of the earth would be many times what it is today. This is a very simple and obvious conclusion. An honest scientist should be expected to change his theory to fit the facts rather than twist and explain away facts which do not support a predetermined conclusion.

FACT NUMBER 6.The fossil record does NOT support evolution. Not only is there one "missing link", there are many thousands of missing links between supposedly related species. If evolution had taken place over billions of years, there would not be this lack of fossil evidence. Over the millions of years which each small change would have taken there would surely be ample fossil proof that such a change did take place. This proof is in thousands of instances strikingly lacking. The theory of evolution is therefore based upon fossil similarities rather than upon provable facts which actually show a progression from one animal type to another.

FACT NUMBER 7.The evidence of "fossil men" is at best shaky and ill-supported. Many of these "men" have been proven to be fakes or the evidence has disappeared entirely (eg. Peking man, Piltdown man). Others (eg. Heidelberg man) have been constructed from very scanty evidence. One, for example, (Nebraska man) was fabricated from a single tooth. Later this tooth was proven to be that of an extinct pig. These fossils are touted after their initial discovery as ancestors of man and much publicity is given them. Yet when evolutionists disregard them for some reason or another, little attention is given to it. So it is with the famous Neanderthal man. At first thought to be a very ancient form of homo sapiens, he is now thought to be "quite modern." As a matter of fact, there are many human beings alive today who have a skull structure which could appear very ape-like with the addition of facial hair, especially low on the forehead and around the eyes.

Evolutionists have for years been trying to unearth some fragment of bone which would prove conclusively that man evolved from apes. Honest scientific evidence has yet to be forthcoming. In spite of this, we and our children are bombarded from all sides with the idea that evolution is an indisputable fact which only a fool would not believe.

These are only a sample of the hundreds, no, thousands of scientific facts which either cannot be explained by the theory of evolution or else contradict it entirely. Any honest enquirer will find many good books written by prominent scientists on the subject.* Before you reach your own conclusion, I urge you to investigate the matter thoroughly. You may be surprised at the result.

One reason many people cling to the idea of evolution is that it provides for them an alternative to the existence of God. If the world in which we live is not the result of a series of biological accidents, the only other logical conclusion is that it was created by Someone. For many this presents a problem. The existence of a Creator implies strongly that we may have certain responsibilities toward Him. Some day we may be called to give an account of what we did with the life which He gave us. Many people realize that the life which they are living is not perfect and they are not entirely comfortable with the idea of a day of reckoning.

In the Bible we can read about a man who claimed that through Himself men could experience forgiveness of their sins and enjoy a real relationship with God. This man's name is Jesus. In the gospel of John, chapter 14 verse 6, it is recorded that He said: "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by Me." In chapter 1 verse 29 of the same book we read about the historical figure John the Baptist proclaiming of Jesus: "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world."

Many of you reading this pamphlet may not believe that these words are true. However, this matter also is worthy of thorough investigation. The existence of God the Creator is not something about which you would want to make a mistake. I urge you to get a Bible and read the gospel of John carefully. Perhaps there is something here which you may have missed. Perhaps "faith" in evolution has closed your mind to what is really true. I pray that through your study of these subjects you will arrive at the truth and come to know God through Jesus Christ personally.

David W. Dyer

If you want you can download this pamphlet as a PDF here.

*Additional Books: Duane T. Gish, PhD "Evolution - The Fossils Say No" A. E. Wilder Smith, PhD "The Creation of Life" James F. Coppedge, PhD "Evolution - Possible or Impossible?" Available from: Bible Science Association 2911 East 42nd St. Minneapolis, MN 55406.

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