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"A Grain of Wheat" Ministries sometimes accepts book distributors in certain parts of the world. We are specifically looking for those who have dedicated their lives to serving others in Jesus' name and who have contact with many believers who might be hungry for more of God.

It is important that distributor applicants should have read and understood the message contained in these books and agree with the contents. We will be making our books available to these qualified individuals free of charge. The distributors can give our books away or sell them for a low price, as they feel is right before the Lord.

“A Grain of Wheat” ministries is not a large, “important” ministry. We are just a family and some helpers trying to serve others in the name of Jesus.

We are self-supporting. This means that we work in the secular world to earn money to pay our bills and to be able to print and send out these books and pamphlets, without cost. While we occasionally receive donations, we do not seek them. We say this to help those who ask for books to understand our situation and, consequently, our criteria for sending books.

Our object is to minister to the body of Christ – specifically to help people who already have been believers for some time, to grow to maturity. If we feel that someone is simply trying to get a lot of books to give out to anybody and everybody because they are free, we do not send the quantities they request.

As an example, our books are not intended for use in evangelism. Although we know that evangelism is important, this is not our focus as God has directed us to minister principally to His people, His church. We are trying to obey Him in this, using our resources as best we can to fulfill what He has told us to do. We do not have the resources to provide large quantities of books as if they were gospel tracts.

With all this in mind, we would like to ask those who ask for books to use them prayerfully and carefully. Please put them into the hands of those who are truly hungry and seeking for more of the Lord. We want God to direct the use of these books, getting them to the right people at the right time. We hope and pray that all of them will be read and that God will use them to bring forth fruit in the lives of others.

To receive a distributor application form please email us at : contact

Please understand that we are seeking to be faithful caretakers of the things that God has entrusted us with and not just paper the whole world with books.