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These materials are available free of charge. Our books are available to read online, as PDFs or you can order the books in paperback.


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The Hidden Gospel online and pdf

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The Hidden Gospel

Why is today's Christian Church so full of self and sin? Is it possible that we have been missing something?
Inadequate interpretations of key Greek words found in ancient biblical text have given rise to the watered-down message which so many hear today.
Apparently, Satan has succeeded in obscuring some essential aspects of the gospel.
The biblical message, when correctly understood, is far more life-changing and powerful than many realize.
This book uncovers some important truths which have been hidden for centuries.

New Testament online and pdf PDF

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The Father's Life
New Testament
3rd Edition

Translated by David W. Dyer

A fresh look at the New Testament, with an emphasis on the different and important meanings of the word "life" in Greek, using the correct verb tenses regarding our salvation and, in general, conveying the gospel as a much more dynamic rather than static message.
Glory to Glory Cover
 From Glory to Glory

Is the salvation of the soul the same as being born again? Is God's forgiveness automatic or are there some things which we must do to receive it? Does the way believers live here on earth have any influence over their experience in eternity? You will find the topics addressed in this book not only thought provoking but possibly much different from what you have previously been led to believe.

Genuine Spiritual Authority, David Dyer
Genuine Spiritual Authority

Without a doubt, submission to authority is essential for every sincere believer. But to whom should we submit ourselves? Which of the many voices claiming authority are actually from God? How can we distinguish true spiritual authority from the imitations? This book is a fresh look at the question of authority in the church today. Its focus is upon how to recognize the leadership of the Holy Spirit as it manifests itself in the body of Christ.  
Thy Kingdom Come Cover
Thy Kingdom Come

This is not another book about end-times prophecy. Instead it is a discussion of a much neglected aspect of the gospel of Jesus Christ - the gospel of the Kingdom. In the church today many believers are completely unaware of the importance of the coming Millennial Kingdom and the impact it should have on their daily lives. This writing is intended to fill this void. Much of its contents may be new to you or different from what you have heard before. However, this should not deter anyone who has a genuine hunger for God and His truth.  

Let My People Go!

God has eternal purposes. One of these purposes is to build a habitation in which He will live forever.
This book has been written to help clarify what is on God's heart concerning His future dwelling place. It is a new and penetrating look at what His word reveals to us about His eternal house. Here you read about what will or will not be pleasing to Him on judgment day.

Babylon, David Dyer
End-Times Part I: Babylon

One day soon, God is going to judge a place called "Babylon". His judgment will be sudden and extremely severe. So complete is His sentence upon this "great prostitute" that we are told she "shall not be found anymore" (Rev 18:4).
Before this judgment occurs, God issues a call for His people to abandon this place. They are instructed to flee out of her so that when the judgment comes, they will not suffer the terrible consequences along with the unrighteous.
Therefore, it is essential for every believer in Jesus Christ to understand in the light of God's word just where this Babylon is.
Antichrist by David Dyer
End-Times Part II: Antichrist

The appearance of the coming Antichrist and the establishing of his kingdom is a subject which has been hotly discussed throughout the church age. Now, at what appears to be the completion of that age, this discussion has become even more important.
However, much of what is being taught is not in harmony with the scriptures. Some of the ideas which have been insisted upon so forcefully and for so long do not mesh well with many prophetic verses.
In this book you will find a coherent, up-to-date discussion of many of Daniel's visions. This analysis should help many readers understand the events which will precede the coming of the Antichrist in the context of our present world situation.

Signs of the End, David Dyer, end times prophecy, destruction, end of world

End-Times Part III: Signs of the End
The day of the Lord is almost here. The church age is coming to a close and the age of grace is ending.
Around us at this moment, the signs of the end and of the coming of the Lord are occurring. Yet far too many of God's children are unaware of them.
Many are living in apathy and spiritual blindness. They are not being prepared for the tremendous and astonishing things which are coming.
In this book, some important signs and events of the fast approaching end times are described. The reader will encounter new and challenging interpretations of the visions in the book of Revelation.
This book is written to be a help to all belivers, enabling them to discern the times and know how to prepare themselves for what is coming in these last days.

Repentance Unto Life by David W. Dyer
Repentance Unto Life

How is it that we can have more fear of the Lord? It is by seeing Him. It is by understanding more about who He is. It is by glimpsing His power and glory. It comes by a true understanding of His word, receiving more revelation concerning His purposes and knowing more perfectly His will for His people. This small volume is an attempt to address this need. It is a short writing about what this author understands to be some of the lost fundamentals of the gospel.

Seeds, by David W. Dyer
Seeds: a collection of writings

Seeds is a collection of articles written over the last thirty years.

Some of these messages were written quite a long time ago. Others are very recent. There is no one single theme to these writings, but this books tends to emphasize subjects such as the church, intimacy with God and bearing fruit.

Seeds 2 by David W. Dyer
Seeds 2

These messages were all written very recently. They were created to address issues which have arisen in different places where we have been trying to minister. As in the first book by this title, there is no one single theme but again it does touch on subjects such as the church and intimacy with God. A couple of chapters also address some practical issues of our daily Christian lives.

Living Church, David Dyer

Living Church

Many Christians feel that what is happening in churches today bears very little resemblance to New Testament Christianity. Some may possibly view this as an improvement, a result of the progress of the church from a crude form to a state of refinement over the last 2000 years. For many others it is a constant source of pain and even tears. These are those who have glimpsed the glory of God's house, who have seen into the heart of God and yearn for what has been revealed to them to be manifested upon the earth among all believers. If you are in this second group of believers this book is for you!
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Cage of Birds (PDF)
Cage of Birds (ePub)
Above All Things (PDF)
Elders & Deacons (PDF)
God's Money (PDF)
The Hidden Gospel (PDF)
Raising Children (PDF)
The Way of the Cross
The Way of the Cross (Pamphlet PDF)
Forefather or Fraud ?
The Clerical Error (English version)
The Clerical Error (Pamphlet PDF)
The Clerical Error / Kosa la uandishi (Swahili)
The Clerical Error / Kosa la uandishi (Swahili PDF)
Thou Shalt Love
Thou Shalt Love (Pamphlet PDF)
Trebuie să iubeşti (Doc)
Wholly Holy
Wholly Holy (Pamphlet PDF)
Sfinţit în totalitate (Doc)